Thursday, May 17, 2012


Years ago, while living in Ireland, people would ask what part of the United States I was from. Wisconsin, I would reply. With that, I received a handful the same comments. “Wisconsin--isn’t that part of Chicago?” or “Ah yes, That 70’s Show!” It would be easy to pass these off as geographic misunderstandings from foreigners, but unfortunately this is a scenario all too common with Wisconsinites. Even in our own country we are fundamentally misunderstood.

The typical joke about Wisconsin will inevitably involve cheese, beer, obesity, and the Green Bay Packers. I haven’t laughed at these jokes in years not because I have found offense at them, but because they are tired stereotypes that are no longer representative of life in Wisconsin. Especially for the young.

That is why we have created More Than Curds. My co-authors, Erin and Sam, could undoubtedly tell you stories similar to my experience in Ireland. Wisconsin has a rich, colorful culture that we warmly embrace. We love our traditions and eccentricities that are unique to our little corner of the country. But Wisconsin is more than beer, cheese, and football. It’s not to say that we shun our indulgent stereotype (on the contrary, you’ll see us drinking plenty of beer and eating plenty of cheese!) but Wisconsin is, in fact, more than curds. We are forward-thinking and modern. We love art, music, and politics. We want to show you what being young in Wisconsin is all about.

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